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About Us

A Platform specialised in Corporate Turnaround, M&A & Real Estate Advisory, Debt Restructuring, Management of Distressed & Unlikely to Pay Loans.

A team of high-profile managers, each one boasting many years of experience in his own business sectors, working in cooperation with leading investors to provide organic, integrated, effective solutions to complex and difficult business situations is a novel working model hoped for by lenders and managers alike.

Hence the idea of establishing a specialist operator in Global Advisory: WellDone Global Advisor (formerly Management and Partners).

Our Services

Create, analyse, plan, put together resources, carry out and manage transactions on behalf of investors and their customers (mostly Businesses / Entrepreneurs), also by intervening in liquidation processes and insolvency procedures;

Manage both financial and real estate restructuring, asset value enhancement and disposals on behalf of primary customers

Corporate Finance (M&A)

Search for Equity Partners (private and institutional investors) and Club Deal investments

Debt Restructuring and acquisitions of credit positions through Byron Capital SPV130 (100% owned by WellDone)


Identify, select and introduce investment opportunities in Italy to leading national and international investors, with a primary focus on M&A, Debt Restructuring, Real Estate and Non Performing Loan Assets.

Offer financial advisory and asset value enhancement services in “difficult-to-work out” situations.

The group

Team and Senior Advisor

Track record

& press release


WellDone raddoppia i ricavi. E quest'anno vuole fare il bis.


Welldone chiude il 2021 con ricavi più che doppi e quest’anno punta al bis


L’acceleratore Enry’s Island chiude un round da 500 mila euro. Lo guida Key Capital


Illimity rileva gli utp degli hotel


AMCO, Intesa e Prelios cartolarizzano 50 mln euro di UTP verso due hotel di Venezia. Li comprano Illimity e Cordifin


Con Mister e Welldone, il CNR ora porterà alle aziende innovative anche finanza.


Con Mister e Welldone il Cnr porta la finanza alle imprese innovative


Con Mister e Welldone, il CNR ora porterà alle aziende innovative anche finanza. L’incubatore pubblico-privato stringe un’alleanza con la piattaforma di advisory. Key Capital entra nel capitale.


Al via Welldone, piattaforma di consulenza per finanza a pmi e startup, lanciata da Vincenzo Macaione con il supporto di Cordifin


Vincenzo Macaione con il supporto di Cordifin, lanciano: Welldone


Al via la piattaforma Welldone


Registered and Business Address:
Galleria del Corso, 1
20122 Milan