BYRON CAPITAL SPV SRL, a bankruptcy remote company 100% owned by WellDone, has been set-up for the exclusive purpose of carrying out credit securitisations, pursuant to and for the purposes of Italian Law no. 130/99, through the purchase of credit instruments (including also bond securities) already issued or to be issued in the future, also identifiable en bloc in case of a portfolio of credits, financed through the issuance of securities as per article 1, first paragraph, letter b), of Law no. 130, rather than following the simplified process in case of single credit items.

DDP PARTNERS The firm boasts over twenty years of high profile professional experience and is the result of the merger sponsored by the three founding partners (Massimo De Dominicis, Gianluca Donnini and Massimo Pratelli) between two professional firms that had traditionally closely cooperated ● D&S – De Dominicis e Soci – specialised in the field of “Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)”, “Restructuring”, “Special Situations” (extraordinary situations involving unusual evolutionary phases of companies and family groups that require deep corporate reorganisation and / or financial or corporate restructuring), Corporate Valuations ● 3A Accountants Associates, specialised in advisory to domestic and international companies and groups of companies, corporate transactions of an extraordinary nature, financial statements, due diligence, tax consultancy including “cross border” consultancy, and in pre-litigation and tax litigation as well as in services to businesses.

Gimico Consulting offers its clients consultancy services and assistance in the commercial, corporate, tax, banking and contractual fields. The main activities include ● Preparation of business plans as part of industrial recoveries and financial restructuring projects, assessment of liquidity and new money requirements, projected long-term financial results ● Debt restructuring planning in highly leveraged and critical business situations, relationship support with credit institutions · Identification and selection of distressed debt investors (hedge funds etc.) ● Arrangement of refinancing and debt rescheduling, assistance in negotiations with banks and creditors in critical and / or near-default financial situations;

Key Capital is a venture incubator aiming at transforming high-potential digital startups into successful business concerns. The startup selection follows an accurate analysis of the growth potentials and validation of the business rationale. Key Capital operates with a dynamic, innovative and “digital” approach. At the heart of the work lays the strong link with investors, consultants and, above all, entrepreneurs.

Main Capital SGR SpA, authorised and supervised by the Bank of Italy and CONSOB, is a qualified partner to both Italian and international institutional investors for the creation and management of alternative funds (AIFs) investing primarily in credit and debt instruments (Private Debt funds, Direct Lending Funds, NPL – Non-performing Loans & Distressed Assets – Funds). The primary objective of Main Capital is to support the growth of Italian SMEs by offering a wide range of dedicated alternative credit funds as well as to assist SMEs and institutional clients in the field of financial and strategic advice.