WellDone Global Advisory encapsulates the objectives set and shared by its shareholders and is endowed with the skills, competencies, expertise required to operate in the different business segments (asset management, corporate finance, debt restructuring, project management, due diligence, origination on behalf of partner investors)

  • value creation
  • leadership
  • business (operating partners)
  • opportunities

Offering of financial advisory and asset value enhancement services in situations that involve difficult workouts and / or cases which investors and lenders are unable to solve on their own

Identify, select and present investment opportunities in the Italian market to leading national and international investors

Capital Support

Welldone supports its investor partners and / or third party investors and its partners in identifying, structuring and executing investment transactions, providing assistance on ordinary finance and supporting / accompanying the Client throughout all phases of a transaction:

  1. Analytical check up on corporate financial structure
  2. Financial strategy and planning
  3. Presentation of opportunities and related financial instruments
  4. Business, Industrial or Debt Restructuring planning
  5. Organisation and coordination of all consultants involved in the transaction.

Alongside these services are the Advisory and Corporate Finance activities for raising new money. Welldone acts as financial advisor and arranger in the management of the Client’s financial needs, for the support of its investment plan and working capital requirements through:

  • Syndicated loans to support growth
  • Financial restructuring
  • Working capital facilities
  • Securitisations (in Partnership with Master Servicing)
  • Assistance in bond issuances (“private placements” and “minibonds”)

As Financial Advisor and / or Arranger in situations of financial stress:

  • Financial restructuring
  • Debt restructuring agreements pursuant to art. 67, 182 bis and 160 of the Italian Bankrupcy Law
  • Renegotiation of bank debt


Carried out through specific and identified partners, the NPL & UTP activity aims to offer banks independent and professional assistance in the management of NPL portfolios.

The company fronts the customer, providing all debt collection and asset value enhancement services, such as

  • consultancy for the evaluation, enhancement and management of problem and non-performing loans, loans in restructuring backed by real estate and corporate assets;
  • corporate services for the management and co-management of litigations and any other operation aimed at facilitating the disinvestment or collection of own and / or third party credits;

Special Purpose Vehicle (Italian Law 130/99)

Securitisation is a complex financial technique aimed at creating a process through which financial instruments and assets producing periodic cash flows are grouped into the same vehicle and the cash flows generated by such instruments sold in the form of negotiable debt securities (the “Notes”) issued by the vehicle itself and placed on the market to specialised investors.

The Byron Capital SPV130 vehicle, a company authorised by the Bank of Italy to operate in securitisation transactions, is owned by Welldone Global Advisor and acts under its direction and control.

Advisory Services

They consist of assistance and advice services to primary customers of the company.

Services are aimed at:

  • banks and leasing companies in respect of real estate and asset restructuring. All new projects relating to performing and non-performing real estate transactions fall into this category
  • companies and private owners of real estate portfolios to be optimised, rationalised and enhanced
  • pension funds, for the optimisation and monetisation of investments
  • public bodies for the enhancement of asset values
  • companies

Advisory activities can be summarised as follows:

  • Studies and analysis of the real estate market
  • Due Diligence for restructuring and fund raising transactions
  • fund structuring (through our SGR – MAIN CAPITAL SPA)
  • Set-up and structuring of financial vehicles (Luxembourg Sif, Holding, etc.)
  • real estate spin-offs
  • development management
  • M&A activities